8 Of The Best Uses Of Red Thyme Essential Oil

 benefits of red thyme essential oil
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red thyme essential oil uses

Reasons Why Thyme Oil Is Good For You

Essential oil from thyme has antiseptic properties because about 20 to 54 percent of its components is thymol. This is why you find thyme oil in many brands of toothpaste and mouthwashes. It provides protection against cavities and plaque on your teeth, and it kills harmful bacteria and infections in your mouth. Thymol is also a fungicide and is often used in antifungal creams and hand sanitizers.

There are more than 300 varieties of thyme with distinct chemotypes, and they can thrive in a wide range of soil, environment, and climates. The various types of thyme plant might look similar on the outside, but their chemical properties and individual health benefits are entirely different. Thyme essential oil's main components are alpha-pinene, alpha-thujone, alpha-terpinene, beta-pinene, beta-caryophyllene, borneol, carvacrol, camphene, Linalool, para-cymene, and thymol. Thyme essential oil has a robust and deep fragrance that is warm and spicy.

 red thyme essential oil for healing

1Alleviates Anxiety And Stress

Anxiety can be triggered by many things. It can be treated by many drugs on the market; however, there is always a risk of developing an addiction. On the other hand, red thyme essential oil is a natural way to cure anxiety.

Oil from thyme is best known for its effectiveness in relieving stress, and it is used widely in aromatherapy. If you massage some diluted oil onto your temples, neck, or chest, or if you breathe in its aroma, you can relieve your stress. Your anxiety will subside, your mood will become more positive, making you feel more energetic.

red thyme essential oil uses

2Treats And Relieves A Nagging Cough

Red thyme essential oil is a potent treatment for people who suffer from chronic coughs. Taking antibiotics for a cough can produce harmful side effects on your organs. Thyme oil is a better way to soothe these symptoms.

If you have not been able to get rid of your cough for a while, even after taking antibiotics, then you should try using thyme essential oil. Strong medicines can harm your stomach, heart, kidneys, liver or eyes, but with thyme oil, you will not suffer these side effects. This oil can calm a cough and treat infections relating to your chest, which includes your larynx, pharynx, lungs, and bronchi.

 how to use red thyme essential oil

3Kills Worms In The Intestines

Red thyme essential oil is a potent treatment against intestinal worms. Worms can enter the body in various ways. Getting rid of these worms is not that easy to do.

These worms can be killed by thyme essential oil. Tapeworms and roundworms are particularly susceptible to this treatment. It is also useful on stubborn worms like hookworms and maggots in open wounds.

 what is red thyme essential oil used for

4Helps Balance Hormone Production

Thyme essential oil can balance the level of progesterone; the increased level of progesterone provides many benefits to the body. Low progesterone levels afflict men and especially women, and a low level has been known to contribute to problems like infertility, depression, PCOS, and abnormal levels of other hormones. Thyme oil can help the body regain its natural balance of hormones.

Additionally, using thyme essential oil is a healthier solution than using artificial methods of treating hormones, like hormone replacement therapy, which can lead to an addiction to prescription drugs, development of other diseases while masking their symptoms, and other harmful side effects. Thyme oil can also delay the onset of menopause because hormones are stimulated; marks that are associated with menopause like mood swings, insomnia, and hot flashes can be relieved because thyme oil rebalances hormonal levels naturally. Thyme oil can be taken safely by children and adults in regular amounts of food or as a medicine for a short time.

 benefits of red thyme essential oil

5Boosts Circulation Of The Blood

Thyme oil can stimulate and improve your blood circulation. This promotes the healing process. This also increases blood circulation to the arms, legs, and other areas that require more oxygen.

It can reduce the risk of blood clots and protect your heart. Red thyme essential oil infuses energy into your body and helps you stay active. Your increased activity keeps your heart healthier.

 what is red thyme essential oil used for

6Heals Respiratory System Problems

Thyme essential oil clears up your congestion and fights against infections of your respiratory system that cause your cough or cold. There are more than 200 various strains of viruses that can be transmitted in the air from one individual to another, and they attack your upper respiratory system which leads to your getting a cold. The risk of getting a cold is higher if there are issues like stress, exposure to mold, inadequate sleep, a compromised immune system, or digestive problems.

Thyme oil is a drug-free and natural way to cure infections, detoxify the body, decrease anxiety, and cure insomnia. This is the ideal treatment for the common cold. The effects on a cold are amazing, and the most important thing is that it is a natural solution that is free from harmful chemicals that are usually found in synthetic medicines.

 what is red thyme essential oil used for

7Alleviates Flatulence And Bloating

When your digestive system has a build-up of gases, you should take this seriously. Producing a bad odor is just one effect. This can also negatively impact your sleep and appetite, lead to stomach pains, nausea, cramps, headaches, vomiting, increase your risk of heart problems, and increase your blood pressure.

In more dangerous situations, too much gas can endanger your life. Because of this, the gas must be dealt with quickly. Thyme oil has antispasmodic and carminative properties, and it can stimulate a downward movement of the gas to force it out (an upward move can be extremely harmful) while preventing the gas from building up again.

red thyme essential oil uses

8Other Benefits To Your Health

Thyme essential oil can be an antidepressant and a memory booster. Other benefits include promoting your ability to focus, curing inflammation of your sinuses, your bronchi, your larynx, and pharynx, treating cellulite, anorexia, and skin problems like dermatitis, eczema, athlete's foot, bites from animals or insects, and many others. It can even solve problems with body odor and bad breath.

Red thyme essential oil does stimulate the body, so for some people, it can be an irritant and can also raise their blood pressure. Because of this, this should not be used by people who are pregnant or who have hypertension. Some people also have allergic reactions to it.

The thyme plant is a small evergreen shrub that is woody and bushy, with little, gray-green leaves that are very aromatic and small groups of tiny pink or purple flowers that bloom during the early parts of the summer season. The plant usually grows to a width of 16 inches and a height of six to twelve inches. Thyme thrives best in a location that is hot and sunny with soil that is well-drained.

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